Technoshock 3D Audiogame

(Version 1.40 бета)

Copyright (C) Anatol Kamynin

, 2005-2007.

Welcome to the homepage of Technoshock audio game.

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  1. About Technoshock Audiogame
  2. Software and Hardware Requirements
  3. Installation
  4. Start the game
  5. Uninstall Technoshock
  6. Update pack for Technoshock 1.40b
  7. Discussion concerning Technoshock
  8. Download Technoshock

About Technoshock Audiogame

Technoshock is a first-person 3D shooter in the style and spirit of the classic 3D shooter game 'DOOM'. Like traditional shooters, Technoshock lets you control a hero in a 3D environment, with robots nd cyborgs attacking you. Technoshock is 3D Audiogame for visually impaired persons. This game is distributed as free software.

Game Features: 6 thrilling levels to explore; 9 unique weapons to use; 8 types of robots to defeat; 5 difficulty levels.

Software and Hardware Requirements

  1. PC with Intel® Pentium™ or AMD compatible processor. Processor must be 600MHz or higher
  2. PC with Microsoft® Windows operation system (such as Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP)
  3. Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or higher (If your computer is running under Windows XP, DirectX 8.1 is installed by default. Should you need DirectX, you can download it for free from the Microsoft website at
  4. 6 MB of free hard-disk space for program installation
  5. Sound card with stereo speakers or headphones. Headphones are preferred.
  6. Standart Keyboard.
  7. Joystick (optional)


To install Technoshok on the your computer, do the following:

  1. Download the zip-archive that contains the packed installation file (See the Download section below).
  2. Extract zip-archive ("setup_eng.exe" will be created).
  3. Run "setup_eng.exe".
  4. The standart installation wizard will appear. Follow instructions and click "Next" to execute installation step by step.
  5. The last Wizard dialog will contain "Finish". Click this button and the installation is completed.

Start the game

  1. the Start button menu, Programs, Technoshock Audiogame. Select “ReadMe!” and read "readme.txt". This file is the plain text file that contains license, prehistory, keystrokes and other important information about Technoshock Audiogame.
  2. Open the Start button menu, Programs, Technoshock Audiogame. Select “Launch Technoshok” to start this game.

Uninstall Technoshock

Open the Windows Start button menu, Programs, Technoshock Audiogame. Select “Uninstall Technoshok” and follow instructions.

Update pack for Technoshock 1.40b

The update pack is available (see the Download Technoshock section). It fixes some bugs and adds a "Learn game sounds" item in the Main game menu.

Note: Extract "setup_eng_update_pack.exe" from a zip-archive and install into same folder, where the game was installed.

Discussion concerning Technoshock

Discussion concerning Technoshock on the Forum

Download Technoshock

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